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One of the hottest trends happening online right are infographics. People can't get enough of them. Everyone from Internet marketers to billion dollar companies use them to get their message and branding across and to spread their message virally.

Infographics are awesome because they can get a complicated idea or message across in just a few seconds. All it takes is a quick glance at a chart or graph, and you can get the gist of a simple idea in seconds. It's much better than reading an article.

Infographics are also a GREAT way to get viral traffic and backlinks. People share them with friends on social sites, and the link points back to you.

Here's a screenshot from Google Trends showing search results for "infographics" from the past 9 years...

As you can see from the screenshot above, interest in infographics has skyrocketed in the past 2 years, and right now its highest it's ever been... and it's going up!

Infographics are great and all, but...

How Do You Go About Getting
Your Own Infographics Created?

You can hire a quality designer for $100 - $200 to create a custom infographic. Or maybe you can hire someone on Fivver or eLance for much less (the quality probably won't be that good). So if you have some money to spend, getting custom infographics created is a good idea. Or...

If you're more of a do-it-yourself person, and have a little bit of design skills and Photoshop or PS Elements, then you can create awesome infographics yourself. To help you do that I've put together a special set of tools and templates.


"Infographics Builder PSD Kit 2" is a collection of high quality templates and graphics elements specifically for creating infographics. It comes in 3 parts or "modules":

Module #1: "Master" Infographic Template

Module #2: Infographic Elements Templates

Module #3: Individual Graphics Elements

These 3 modules work together to make it super easy for you to create professional infographics.

Watch Me Create a Killer Infographic
In Under 8 Minutes...

*NOTE: Video above was made for V1 of Infographics Builder PSD Kit.
The V2 package contains new templates and graphics.

Module #1: "Master" Infographic Template

The "master template" is a starting point for your infographics. It's 900 x 3,000 pixels in size (and can be resized). It comes pre-formatted with: 9 headers, 9 footers, 13 text areas, 10 dividers, 5 section boxes, and 20 backgrounds. All of these elements are fully editable so you can move them around, resize them, change colors, etc.. You can also turn them "on" or "off" and use as many elements as you want, or none at all.

Module #2: Infographic Elements Templates

This module contains 5 different "Infographic Elements" templates. These templates come with all the different elements you need for an infographic like: world maps, pie charts, graphs, info boxes, headlines, stars, human figures, and more. Each template has a different style, so you have a variety of different looks to choose from. Simply choose the element you need for your infographic (like a pie chart), than drag it over into your "Master Template". You can quickly drag and drop an unlimited number of these elements, and literally have an infographic created in minutes. All of these elements are completely customizable (add your own text, change the colors, resize, rotate, etc..)

Module #3: Individual Graphics Elements

To give you even more ways to customize your infographics, I'm also including this module of "Individual Graphics Elements". With this module you'll get things like: arrows, bullets, content boxes, dividers, notes, hand drawn graphics, highlights, numbers, notifications, ribbons, and more. All of these graphics elements are completely customizable, and you can drag and drop them into your infographics in seconds.

Grab Everything For One Low Price...

There are other resources online for getting infographics templates, like stock photo sites and designer marketplaces. What makes "Infographics Builder PSD Kit" special is: it comes with 3 unique "modules" that when combined allow you to create some truly cool looking infographics. And you get all 3 of these modules for about the same price as ONE infographic template from the other sites.

On these other sites the price for a similar "infographic elements template" is usually around $10 - $15 PER template. And that's for "one time use" rights. That means you can use that 1 file only 1 time on 1 of your projects. If you want to use it on multiple projects, you have to buy it again for each new project.

Then if you want to use the images on things like web templates, t-shirts, apps, etc.. you have to pay for additional "extended" licenses which can add up to several hundred dollars (again PER file).

But with this offer, you can grab ALL of the graphics I showed you above in a "bundle". You'll get 5 different "infographic elements" templates + the "master template" + dozens of individual graphics elements. If you were to buy all these different elements individually, the price would be over a hundred bucks. But instead you can get them all here in a bundle for one low one time payment. This one time payment gives you a very flexible license for all these graphics.

Infographics Builder PSD Kit - Commercial License
Infographics Builder PSD Kit - Extended Developer License


Grab PLR License
For Just $97

A simple one-time payment of just $97 gives you a PLR license to this product. With a PLR license you can sell this full product as is, put your name on it, break it up into pieces, add it to a membership, use it as a bonus, etc..

Infographics Builder PSD Kit - PLR License

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try the product for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund. 
So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.